What's Your PROBLEM?

For almost 60 years, CPG has been asking this question. Then finding your solution.

"Our message isn't getting across."

"We can't keep our literature up to date."

"People don't understand how to use our product."

"We need to stand out from the competition."

"Everyone wants everything, and they want it FASTER."

Times change. Technologies change. But the problems that stand between you and successful communication to customers, prospects and partners are the still the same.

Luckily, so is your solution. CPG, your one-stop shop for business communications.

For more than half a century, we have provided businesses with all the services necessary to make communication happen. We do the small jobs: updating text, adding line art, fixing layouts, implementing revisions. We do the large jobs: thousand-page manuals, multi-platform distribution, data management. We do all the jobs in between. Our staff provides you with the range of experience and expertise to meet every need and every request. No matter the question, our answer is always "yes, we can do it."

And for more than half a century, we have guided customers to the best that new technology has to offer, with a firm eye on the bottom line. We implemented our first data-driven production process before most people had even heard the term "computer." Today we are using automated processes, information-based models of production, translation memories and XML to help our customers cut costs, improve efficiency and accuracy, and reach new markets across multiple languages, platforms and media.

So whether you are looking for basic production support or to push the envelope, CPG has your solution. If you are looking for quality work that follows established practices, look to CPG for technical illustration and writing, photo manipulation, layout, QA and proofing, and prepress. We can also oversee prompt, accurate translation into more than 70 different languages. If you are looking to improve efficiency and broaden your media reach, we can take you from evolution to revolution, from simple automation and template-based production to a data-driven multilateral workflow where the words are interactive and the images are animated.

Everything you want. Nothing more than what you need.

And even after 60 years, some things haven't changed. We still do business person to person, face to face. We still put quality first. We remember when graphic production work actually made you sweat. We still take the extra step, make the extra effort, and go the extra yard. We still care about things like our integrity and your trust. And we still have the expert on staff who can make your message happen, whatever it takes.

Give us a call today, and together, let's turn your problems into problems solved.